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Putting your data to work to drive efficiency, improve business operations and increase competitive advantage.

Compsys Australia POSmart


Oversight of all your Club’s systems in ONE Smart Operational Tool.

POSmart UNCOVERS and UNLOCKS valuable data across multiple systems giving Clubs an operational overview of existing membership, financial and operational data all in one place.

Having easy access to your business data through collated and linked data visualisations can lift customer engagement and financial performance through better informed decision-making and improved operating performance.

Make informed and smart operational decisions with POSmart.

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Compsys Note-Mail


Note-Mail’s secure messaging portal stores content such as messages, documents and photos in one place.

Note-Mail stores content safely until accessed by an authorised person. The recipient receives a notification email of a Note-Mail, unless in SILENT MODE, and is required to login to securely access the content.

At no point is the content sent via other servers.

Compsys CIO Services

CIO Services

Does your company require the services of an experienced CIO on a part time basis?

Companies today are heavily reliant on technology and having someone proficient in these skills can help guide your strategic technology decisions.

Services include Board reporting, presentations, strategic planning, project management, software sourcing and user adoption and training