Uncover and unlock valuable data to drive efficiency, improve business operations and increase competitive advantage.

POSmart - One Smart Operational Tool
Insightful, easy to read dashboards.


UNCOVER and UNLOCK valuable data with ONE Smart Operational Tool.

POSmart offers a range of valuable data slices in easy-to-read dashboards that can help you run your Club effectively and efficiently.

Designed exclusively for Golf Clubs, POSmart provides instant dashboards, charts and graphs that highlight key metrics, trends, issues and opportunities. POSmart links data from Members, Customers, Sales, Wages, Expenses, Course Usage, Website Analytics and even the Weather.

POSmart’s Benefits include:
  • Insightful and efficient management reports that are quick and easy to run.
  • Easy access from anywhere and any device, including your phone.
  • Easy customisation to fit your operating model.
  • Flexible and value-for-money Licensing.

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Private, secure messaging portal.


Note-Mail’s secure messaging portal stores content such as messages, documents and photos in one place.

Note-Mail stores content safely until accessed by an authorised person. The recipient receives a notification email of a Note-Mail, unless in SILENT MODE, and is required to login to securely access the content.

At no point is the content sent via other servers.

Strategic technology services.

CIO Services

Does your company require the services of an experienced CIO on a part time basis?

Companies today are heavily reliant on technology. Having someone proficient in these skills can help guide your company’s strategic technology decisions.

With over 25 years’ experience Compsys Australia can offer your company to have the executive IT experience for a fraction of the cost.

A part-time CIO is a great fit for small and mid-sized businesses. Having a seasoned CIO to advise on management issues such as strategic direction, technology investments and corporate compliance and IT governance help ensure effective and efficient running of your IT Systems.

Services also include Board Reporting, Presentations, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Program Management, Outsourcing Strategies and Management, Software Sourcing and User Adoption and Training.